What Type of Dentures are the Most Comfortable and Cost-Effective?

Flexible, partial, full, porcelain, acrylic & cobalt chrome dentures are all options for replacing missing teeth. Learn which type is most comfortable & cost-effective.

What Type of Dentures are the Most Comfortable and Cost-Effective?

Flexible dentures are thin, lightweight and flexible, making them more comfortable than traditional dentures. There is no need for an extended adjustment period when you start using them, and they don't absorb odors or stains. Partial dentures are recommended when you still have some natural teeth left. They fill in the gaps left by missing teeth, restoring your oral health.

Full dentures are needed when all the natural teeth are missing. They are designed to be placed on the gums and held in place by suction or a small amount of dental adhesive. Porcelain dentures offer excellent aesthetics, as replacement teeth look much more like natural teeth. This material is better at withstanding the daily wear and tear of the teeth while we talk, chew or bite.

Overdentures, also known as implant-supported dentures, are a solution of choice for many people. Dentures mounted on four implants provide permanent restoration of the full arch with four implants per jaw. Acrylic dentures and valplast dentures are two types of “mucosal dentures”, that is, they are placed on the mucosa. Custom dentures from Riverside Tooth Co.

provide a better fit and more natural appearance than traditional dentures. Cobalt chrome dentures should have the hooks around the teeth properly clenched, not too tight so that they cannot be removed, nor so loose that the dentures can pop. Immediate dentures should be replaced with conventional full dentures after healing is complete. The jawbone that lies underneath the dentures will continue to deteriorate over time, which may eventually cause changes in its appearance and require the dentures to be replaced.

Acrylic dentures make life easier and more cost-effective if you have severe gum disease and are likely to have to add teeth to your dentures several different times. Cobalt chrome dentures tend to be the next best option as the structure provides more grip to allow the denture to be thinner than its acrylic rival. Investing in a high-quality set of dentures can save you money in the long run compared to replacing cheap dentures regularly. Whether you choose partial or full dentures, you won't pay as much for your new smile, making them a good option if you're on a tight budget.

Dental implants may cost more than dentures but they are almost always covered by dental insurance.

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