What Type of Denture Makes Patients the Happiest?

Find out what type of denture makes patients the happiest. Learn about immediate dentures, partial dentures, implant-retained dentures, custom dentures and flexible dentures.

What Type of Denture Makes Patients the Happiest?

Most flexible dentures are made from a thin thermoplastic, such as nylon, which is much thinner and more flexible than the thicker, stiffer acrylic used in full dentures. Immediate dentures, which are placed the same day your teeth are removed, can provide comfort, but they're not for everyone. The denture provides a large amount of support for a solid base, allowing it to stay firmly in place. Modern dentures are usually constructed with a molded or 3D printed acrylic resin base with porcelain or plastic “teeth” attached to it.

Partial dentures replace some teeth and help keep the remaining natural teeth from moving. Implant-retained dentures can be removable, snap-in type, or permanent, while conventional full dentures should always be removed at night. Custom Dentures are tailor-made to fit your unique needs and preferences. The denture can be worn for a few weeks before placing a permanent denture to provide a smoother transition.

Partial dentures rest on the remaining teeth and gums, while full or full dentures rest directly on the gums. Flexible dentures are a type of partial denture, but they are made of different materials than common partial dentures.

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