Can All-on-Four Dentures Be Repaired If They Break?

The “all in 4” structure of dentures can break and require new repair. Quality zirconia has a 5-year survival rate of 99%. Learn how to fix broken or chipped teeth and what not to do.

Can All-on-Four Dentures Be Repaired If They Break?

The “all in 4” structure of dentures can break, and the fracture of a zirconium structure requires new repair. Quality zirconia has a 5-year survival rate of 99%. A fracture in a metal structure can be laser welded to repair it. In some cases, users can temporarily repair a damaged denture tooth with an over-the-counter repair kit, but this only offers a temporary solution.

Dentures treated with an over-the-counter repair kit can also make it difficult for dentists or prosthodontists to repair any damage. Before repairing a tooth that has been temporarily fixed with a repair kit, dentists or prosthodontists should remove any temporary adhesive that the user has applied. Denture repair is very common for people who have dentures because dentures are fragile and prone to damage. If your dentures break, fix them temporarily with a repair kit and schedule an appointment with your dentist to have them fixed by a professional.

While it's possible to repair a broken denture, it won't be as strong as before. Cracked dentures are usually repaired in dental laboratories. After repairs, dentures adapt to the current color and shape of the teeth to achieve aesthetic uniformity. If dentures only have a tiny chip, the dentist may be able to straighten it on site without the help of the laboratory.

The metal closures on partial dentures can also be damaged and will need to be repaired before the partial denture can be used again. When denture teeth break, this can have a lasting impact on the denture user's ability to chew and speak. If a broken denture is irreparable, this impression is likely to be needed to form a new denture. Dental professionals advise patients not to fix their dentures themselves, as they could damage the dentures beyond repair.

If the denture breaks in half, it can be temporarily fixed with the dental glue included in a denture repair kit. When it comes to repairing broken or chipped teeth, denture wearers should not attempt to repair them on their own. It doesn't matter if you have a denture repair kit for the home or any other tool that helps repair broken dentures. While a broken denture is certainly considered a “desperate moment”, trying to execute a “desperate measure” on your own will cause even more damage to the dental prosthesis.

As a result, users will have to pay for a new pair of dentures or deal with the bite of damaged dentures. So to make your experience with dentures as positive as possible, you should know what to expect when you put on a denture. Users should also remember that repairing cracked dentures on their own may result in the need for a complete replacement of the denture. According to research conducted by Hawler Medical University, the main cause of denture repair is a fracture of the denture, which is usually caused by a poor fit.

Impact fractures, which are usually caused by the fall of the dentures, can also break the denture at any point, making it necessary to repair the denture.

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